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Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit a full paper, and papers should be write in English. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Environmental Engineering
Air Pollution Monitor
Climate Change and Global Warming
Control of Groundwater Pollution
Water Quality Monitoring
Sewage Treatment and Utilization
Remote Sensing and Environment
Hydrobiology and Water Pollution
Environmental Pollution Risk Assessment
Environmental Chemistry
Environment Pollution and Management
Environmental Protection Engineering
Noise and Acoustics
Industrial Waste tTreatment
Atmospheric Environment
Water Environment
Electromagnetic Wave and Telecommunication
Soil Environment
Regional Environment
Urban Environment
Environmental Remediation Engineering
Resources of Science and Technology
Environmental Quality Monitoring and Assessment
Chemical Pollutants and Its Influence On Health
Renewable Energy
Energy System Engineering
Energy Science and Technology
Energy Economy
Environmental Impact of Energy Consumption
Sustainable Energy Policy

Energy Engineering
Renewable Energy
Solar Energy
Nuclear energy
Secondary energy
Steam Power
Energy System Engineering
Energy Science and Technology
Energy Economy
Environmental Impact of Energy Consumption
Sustainable Energy Policy

Materials Engineering
Micro/Nano materials
Iron & Steel
Metal Alloy Material
Optical / Electrical / Magnetic Materials
Materials Physics and Chemistry
Building Materials
Energy Materials
Environmental-Friendly Materials
Biological Material
Chemical Materials
Thin Films
Seismic materials
Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
New Functional Materials
Surface Engineering / Coatings Technology
Process Modeling, Analysis and Simulation
Material Processing
Material Cutting
Welding and Mechanical Connections and Fracture
Computer Aided Design of Materials
Materials Testing and Evaluation
Microwave Processing of Materials

Civil and Urban Engineering
Aesthetics and Landscape Energy
Architectural Design and Theories
Architecture and Urban planning
Art Design and Landscape Architecture
Automatic Incident Detection and Emergency Response
Building materials
Building Technology Science
Coastal Engineering
Computational Mechanics
Conservation and Equipment
Construction technology
Hydraulic Engineering
Intelligent Transportation and Logistics
Modeling and Simulation of Transportation System
Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
Road and Bridge engineering
Structural engineering
Theories of Architecture
Three-dimensional Transportation System
Transportation engineering
Urban Planning and Design
Urban Traffic Control and Congestion Pricing
Vehicle Safety and Emissions

Advanced Nano-Technology
Engineering of Biointerfaces
Modeling and Simulation
Properties and Characterizations of Surfaces and Interfaces
Nanostructured Thin Films
Functional Nanostructured Coatings
Plasma and Ions for Surface Engineering. Radiations Effects
Nanoparticle and Nanodevice Production Technology
Measurement and Analysis of Nanoscale
Magnetic Fine Paricles and Multilayers
Nanopolymers and Nanocomposites: Synthesis and Applications
Carbon Based Nanoscale Materials
Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
Nanomaterials Applications in Biotechnologies and Medicine
Nanomaterials Applications in Electronics, Spintronics and Photonics
Nanomaterials, Nanodevices: Fabrication, Characterization and Application
Nanotechnology and Agriculture
Nanotechnology and Coating
Nanotechnology and Education
Nanotechnology and Energy
Nanotechnology and Environment
Nanotechnology and Polymer
Nanotechnology, Products and Markets
Societal aspects of Nanotechnology: Ethics, Risk Assessment, Standardization

Other Related Topics